Is whitening toothpaste effective? That depends largely on what the active ingredients are and requires an understanding of how the word “whitening” is used for dental products. The ADA allows any product that is capable of removing surface stains to be labeled whitening. By those standards, all toothpastes are whitening – a claim you may have noticed on more and more tubes of the stuff. When a toothpaste has additional ingredients such as baking soda or peroxide, it can claim to be “advanced whitening” since these ingredients can help remove tougher stains and even polish the teeth. But in the end, how white can a toothpaste really get your teeth?

Teeth stain and become discolored from a variety of factors. The best way to address these with consistent and reliable results is through professional tooth whitening. Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Yong offers truly advanced tooth whitening options that can remove surface stains along with deeper discoloration to produce a brilliant and beautiful smile in less than one hour. He would be happy to discuss these options with you in greater detail during your next appointment.

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