Is There Bacteria on Your Toothbrush Head?

Is there bacteria on your toothbrush head? Almost certainly yes. Is this bacteria dangerous? Well, researchers are still looking into that. However, as of yet, there has not been an established link between bacteria on toothbrushes and an increased risk for systemic or oral health problems.

A new study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at the Houston School of Dentistry has found that, while all toothbrushes have some amount of bacteria, those with hollow heads have significantly more. How much more? Up to 3,000 times. But before you swear-off brushing remember this: toothpaste is anti-bacterial and all of those germs are wiped out before the brush even enters your mouth.

While it is good news that toothpaste kills the germs on your toothbrush, that’s no reason to neglect proper cleaning, storage, and replacement of your heads. Heads should be stored upright in a cabinet that protects them from environmental contaminants, and should be cleaned with antiseptic mouthwash or UV light weekly. Be sure to replace your heads every two months and to visit Houston dentist Dr. Scott Young every six to ensure your teeth are bright, healthy, and clean year round.

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Dr. Scott Young, DDS

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