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Why Your Teeth Should Be Professionally Whitened

Many people would like a brighter, more attractive smile. One way to get one is to whiten your teeth at home, using over the counter whitening products. But these systems can be inconvenient, time-consuming and messy, and often they are slow, taking weeks to see results. If that’s not for you, cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young offers both speed and convenience in professional teeth whitening, to give you the winning smile you need.

OTC Products: Slow, Messy, and Less Effective

Whitening rinses aren’t as effective as other products, and may take 12 weeks before you see results. Whitening strips and gels must be left in place for 30 minutes at a time, twice daily for two weeks. Whitening trays are filled with solution or gel, then must be worn for long periods of time each day, for up to four weeks. And since at-home trays often don’t fit well and conform to the teeth, results are uneven and the bleaching agent may seep out and irritate the gums.

Over the counter whiteners don’t reach all parts of your teeth: backs and chewing surfaces, parts of teeth nearest the gums, and spaces between teeth. And they don’t whiten teeth that are discolored due to illness, drugs like antibiotics, or chemicals.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Young can help you choose the best teeth whitening options to give you fast, even results. During your consultation, he may also recommend correcting problems like crooked, decayed, chipped or broken teeth, before your teeth are whitened, to enhance the beauty of your new smile.

And at Scott Young, DDS, we offer the latest in professional whitening methods, the Zoom!® Advanced Power System. Your teeth will be visibly whiter and brighter in just one office visit.

If you want to learn more about how you can have that bright, winning smile you’ve always wanted, through professional teeth whitening in Houston and the Woodlands, Texas area, please contact Scott Young, DDS for an initial consultation.

Dr. Scott Young, DDS

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