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4 Major Benefits of Instant Orthodontics

Having a beautiful smile with straight, healthy-looking teeth is really important, no matter how old you are or where you are in life. When your smile looks great, you feel great, and that means you feel more confident in every area of your life. Unfortunately, beautifully straight teeth rarely (if ever) occur naturally; it takes work. And for most people, that means a year or more wearing braces and undergoing other types of orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry work before you can even start to enjoy the end result.

At Scott Young DDS, we offer “instant orthodontics,” a cosmetic solution that provides a quick, effective, and beautiful alternative to wearing braces or aligners. Not sure how instant orthodontics compares to regular braces? Here are four ways instant orthodontics exceeds traditional teeth-straightening treatments.

Treatment is fast

Instant orthodontics uses veneers — super-thin covers adhered to the fronts of your teeth — so your teeth look straight and properly aligned. Veneers are beautiful and durable — and best of all, they can be applied in just a couple of office visits. During your first visit, your teeth will be prepared for the veneers. That means removing a very small amount of tooth material to make room for the veneers, followed by impressions that serve as the molds for your veneers. Temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth to protect them while the permanent veneers are being made.

At the second office visit, the temporary veneers are removed and the permanent veneers are applied using a really strong dental adhesive. And that’s it! Just two visits and you'll have a more beautiful smile! Compare that to the months and years needed for traditional orthodontic treatments, and you can see why speed is one of the biggest reasons why instant orthodontics is so popular.

The results are beautiful — and customized

Veneers are made of porcelain that can be tinted to match your other teeth. In the first step of your treatment, Dr. Young will select the perfect shade to ensure your veneers blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Having a professional whitening treatment first ensures all your teeth always look their best. Plus, since veneers are placed on top of your teeth, they can be used to hide stains, chips, and other cosmetic flaws — something regular braces just can’t do. That means when your treatment is complete, your entire smile will look beautiful and picture-perfect.

You won’t need to wear a retainer

Traditional orthodontic treatments — both braces and clear aligners — move your teeth into new positions, and that means the tooth roots need to move as well. One of the problems with traditional orthodontics is that once treatment is over, your tooth roots may tend to drift back into their original positions, which means all those months and years spent wearing braces will be “undone.” As a result, most people need to wear retainers after their orthodontic treatment, and usually, they need to wear those retainers on a regular schedule for years — sometimes for the rest of their lives. Instant orthodontics doesn’t disrupt your teeth; instead, it addresses the cosmetic issues associated with crooked teeth, using beautiful veneers adhered to the front of your teeth so they look like they’re perfectly aligned. Bonus: Since your teeth don’t shift their positions, instant orthodontics doesn’t cause the discomfort often experienced with traditional orthodontics.

You don’t need to change your care routine

With braces, you need to clean around wires and brackets, which can sometimes be difficult.   When you can’t get your teeth and gums nice and clean, you leave yourself open to tooth decay and gum disease. Because instant orthodontics uses veneers that are applied to the fronts of your teeth, you can go ahead and brush and floss just like you normally do. There are no wires, no brackets, and no awkward trays to deal with. Plus, there are no dietary restrictions like there are with regular braces — you can eat what you want.  Orthodontics is a great option for many people and it is important to understand that each case if unique.  I would consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine, which of these options is best for you.   

With instant orthodontics at Scott Young DDS, you can have the beautiful smile you want in just a couple of office visits. To find out how instant orthodontics can help transform your smile, book an appointment online today.


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