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Consider These 4 Benefits of Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Consider These 4 Benefits of Zoom! Teeth Whitening

You don’t always have to go big when it comes to making cosmetic improvements to your smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth by several shades, making you look younger and more confident.

Dr. Scott Young and our team of dentists and dental professionals offer the Zoom! teeth whitening system for fast and noticeable results. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, Scott Young, DDS, provides dental services for the greater Houston region, including the communities of Highland Village, West University, River Oaks, Rice Village, and Memorial.

4 benefits of Zoom! Teeth whitening

While there are many over-the-counter products available to whiten your teeth, they won’t yield the same results as a professional treatment. And depending on the type of product and active ingredients, some commercial whitening treatments may contain abrasive ingredients that can strip away your tooth enamel, ultimately making your teeth even more vulnerable to stains and discoloration!

If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth and want a whiter and brighter smile, the first step is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Our dentists will recommend the best teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you meet your goals.

Here are four benefits of investing in a professional teeth whitening treatment with the Zoom! teeth whitening system available at Scott Young, DDS:

1. Dramatically whiter teeth in one hour

One of the biggest advantages of professional teeth whitening treatments like Zoom! is the significant results you can expect in a single appointment. A Zoom! teeth whitening treatment can brighten your teeth by up to as many as ten shades.

2. Choose between an in-office or at-home treatments

If you prefer gradual results, you can choose our at-home teeth whitening treatment. Our home teeth whitening kits offer the same powerful results, but the treatments are spaced over a few weeks and applied in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

3. Gentle and non-invasive

Professional teeth whitening treatments are non-invasive and gentle, so you won’t have to worry about anesthesia or any downtime after your treatment. Zoom! teeth whitening also offers options for people with sensitive teeth. 

If you have tooth sensitivity issues, let us know before your appointment. Dr. Young and our team will discuss your options and recommend the best treatment for your dental needs.

4. Instantly look younger and more confident 

Many people are surprised to find that a simple teeth whitening procedure can dramatically improve not just their smile, but also takes years off of their appearance. Whether you want to invest in teeth whitening for personal or professional reasons, it can improve how you look and feel.

For more information about Zoom! teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments available at Scott Young, DDS, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office.

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