It isn’t the case in all countries, but in the US, your smile matters a lot if you want to go into politics. Researchers looking at pictures of people who won elections have shown that Americans elect people with healthy, energetic smiles.

There are many reasons why politicians might lean on their smiles more than others. If you’re optimistic, you might say that a smile makes it easier for a politician to speak the hard truths, even if that’s unpopular. An attractive smile helps you look more intelligent, successful, and even compassionate–all traits that should be desired in a politician. More likely, it’s because politicians are constantly on the job market. After all, their main job is to get re-elected, right? And that means that they constantly feel the impact that a smile makes on your tendency to get hired.

Models and Actors

If you’re looking for people who need to rely on their smile, it’s models and actors. Although models may not smile on runway, if they’re going to end up endorsing products, they’re typically asked to smile. That’s because advertising wants you to associate a product with being happy and successful, and what better way to capture that on camera than with a smile?

There are some character actors who get by well without an attractive smile, but for leading actors and actresses, having an attractive smile is a must. You need to be able to charm the audience when called on, whether that’s on screen or on a magazine cover.


If you’re selling something, your smile is possibly your greatest asset. Your smile is your entry. It gets people to stop and listen to you, and it can make a big difference in your ability to close sales. Studies have shown that people are much more eager to buy when they see a smile. They tend to buy more, and are willing to pay twice as much for a product on the basis of a smile.

Anything Kickstarted

In some ways, the digital economy has put more emphasis on your smile. With the preeminence of virtual interactions, you are reduced to your social profile, which often includes your picture. And if you’re funding your business through crowdfunding, this profile can make all the difference. A study of the microloan platform Kiva showed that smiling in your picture made it easier to get loans. And a study of Kickstarter showed that your smile could have a big impact on your ability to get funded. The key was to smile, but not smile too broadly.

Will a Better Smile Help in Your Job?

These are just a few examples of situations where your smile can make all the difference in your job. The truth is that anyone might feel that having an unattractive smile could be holding them back.

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